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Tetenal is an Official Distributor for ChromaLuxe

ChromaLuxe are the world’s leading manufacturer of high definition sublimatable print media. With ChromaLuxe you can add a new range of products to your portfolio and expand your business opportunities by producing stunning aluminium panel prints which are both UV and scratch resistant.

Through the sublimation process, images are infused directly from sublimation paper onto specially coated sheets of metal photo panels with exceptional quality and resolution. We can provide all the help and equipment you need to add this profitiable new revenue stream into your business.

The Science Of Sublimation

Sublimation is a change of state where a substance transitions from a solid to a gas without ever becoming a liquid. In hard surface sublimation industry, an image is printed onto transfer paper using dye-based inks and then transferred onto a specifically coated surface with heat and pressure. Getting started with producing your own sublimation products is much easier than you think! All that is needed to start production of these products is a computer, a printer with sublimation inks, transfer paper, a heat press and your ChromaLuxe panels.

What can I do with sublimated products?

The market for hard surface sublimation is expanding daily. There are numerous opportunities to grow and expand your business into new markets, such as personalised gifts, customised business products, schools, sports, professional photography, fine art markets and more. And that’s just a sneak preview! Flip through our catalogue for more details, tips and tricks about these market opportunities.

ChromaLuxe Panels

ChromaLuxe HD panels are one of the most exciting products to enter the photo market in recent times. They bring a new high quality level to printing on metal panels with a colour range and an almost 3 dimensional luminescence that far exceeds UV direct printing.

The Aluminium panels are lightweight and durable, made with recycled material and are 100% recyclable. They are the perfect medium for displaying artwork and photography in a variety of applications from residential to commercial usage. The panels have a white coating for photo reproduction and is the perfect finish for any subject, with a beautiful super high gloss finish. We stock the ChromaLuxe Aluminium Gloss White panels in packs of 10, these panels are availible in a variety of sizes. Click here to view the panels.

ChromaLuxe Panels
Easily Cleanable
Fade Resistant
Fast Production
Flame Resistant
Light Weight
Colour Brilliance
Scratch Resistant
Water Resistant

3 Simple Steps to Sublimate:

1. Choose any picture, illustration or other graphic image. Sublimation is great for any colour combination from black and white to full colour.

2. Insert the special sublimation ink cartridges into your printer. Print the image onto sublimation transfer paper designed for hard surface products. Tape the transfer paper to your product.

3. Position your product on the heat press face up and apply pressure for the appropriate amount of time. Remove the transfer paper from the surface. Enjoy the wow!

We can provide all the help and equipment you need to add this new profitiable revenue stream into your business.

For more information on ChromaLuxe, click here. To discuss what options will best suit your business, Call Phil Barker on 0116 289 3644 or email