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How to dispose of your photo chemistry


Local household waste and recycling centres throughout the UK provide facilities to dispose of unwanted chemical waste including paint, cleaning agents, bleach, weed killer and more. There is usually a dedicated container in which chemical waste can be left.

Prior to bringing your chemical waste to a local centre, it is advised to bottle different chemicals separately and label them accordingly to their content. As an alternative to Recycling Centres some authorities offer collection for chemical waste, to find out if this applies to your area, please contact your local council.

If none of the above disposal options are available, small amounts of used photographic chemistry can be flushed down the drain with plenty of water. Please ensure different chemicals are not mixed for disposal. It is also advised not to fill photographic chemistry into a septic tank for disposal as this influence its effectiveness. Small amounts of photographic film and paper can be treated as normal household waste.


To dispose of used processing chemicals as well as scrap film and paper, business and trade users need to consult a licenced waste disposal operator.

As domestic users, trade users are advised to fill different types of chemistry waste into

separate containers and label them appropriately.

For more information on how to dispose of different types of waste as a business, please follow this link:

Please note, the information given above relates to the UK only. If you are a user in another country, please ensure you investigate the national and local regulations on how to dispose of chemical waste.