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Digital Passport system added to CS1 Gifting Kiosk

Our already popular CS1 Gifting Kiosk has just got even better with the addition of a digital Passport system which enables your customers to take advantage of the online Passport Application system recently introduced for UK Passports.

Her Majesty's Passport Office has recently introduced a digital application option for UK passports. This allows individuals to apply for their passport online using a digital photo. They can either upload a photo of their own or enter a code they receive when having a photo professionally taken by a store which has a digital passport system installed.

So how does the new system work?

It really is a simple process.

1. Take your customers passport photo as normal.

2. Upload it via the digital passport system on the CS1 kiosk.

3. The kiosk will then print a set of 4 passport photos together with a unique code to the printer of your choice. This process uploads the photos automatically to the UK Passport Office cloud based image library, giving you an immediate ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ message. A copy of the file and code are sent to your customer via email.

4. The customer is then able to apply for their passport online via the Passport Office website.

5. During the process they will be asked to enter the code they recieved.

6. The Passport Office Website then automatically attaches the photo connected to that code and the passport application process can be completed.

Online Passport Application

Are there additional costs for using this service?

Using this option will actually save your customers a total of £20 in passport application and checking fees!

Each store is a charged 30p per online photo application processed. This will be charged to your Tetenal account on a monthly basis. You can charge customers your current standard passport photo fee or offer a premium online application service which covers the additional cost.

If you would like to find out more about the CS1 kiosk, click here