Epson recently unveiled the brand new 44-inch (111.8cm) addition to the SureColor SC-P range; the NEW Epson SC-P10000 Production Printer.

Closely following the very recently launched 64-inch (162.6cm) SC-P20000 Production Printer, both models feature innovative, easy-to-use operation and give superbly accurate, high quality, large-format photos, POS, display and signage work - even at super-fast print speeds.

Tetenal as an Official Epson Authorised Partner are pleased to be able to supply these new Epson SureColor printers to our valued customers.

These printers can be pre-ordered now by calling our sales team on 0116 289 3644 and will be available to buy online here New Epson SC-P10000 and the New Epson SC-P20000

Tetenal are your UK Authorised Epson Partner so call us on 0116 289 3644 NOW to talk about the New Epson SC-P Printers

As an Epson authorised partner, Tetenal can offer much more than online box shifters. We offer a cradle to grave support network which includes

  • In-house Marketing Support Team
  • In-house Authorised Service Centre with Epson trained technicians
  • Dedicated Epson showroom for personal demonstrations at your convenience


The NEW Epson SureColor SC-P100000 and SC-P20000 - SC-P Series Large Format Photographc, POS, Display & Signage Printers - Precision, Quality, Speed & Productivity

All of the benefits of the new SC-P Printer range, but now with a smaller footprint.

The Epson SC-P10000 and SC-P20000 are the ideal Large Format Production Printers for photo labs, high street photo and copy shops, and print production houses needing a printer which produces prints of the highest quality and delivering great productivity – at 600 x 600dpi and higher print resolutions.

Both the Epson SC-P10000 and Epson SC-P20000 large format production printers incorporate Epson's new PrecisionCore MicroTFP printhead to create outstanding results, even in the faster print modes. Epson's high-precision media feed technology, includes the camera-based paper feed stabiliser and media inductive roller system newly designed for these printers.

Amazingly Vivid Accurate Colours

The Epson SC-P10000 and Epson SC-P20000 produce highly accurate colours, smooth tonal range and exquisitley finely detailed prints at a level above most other printers. The Epson SC-P series printer features Epson K4 ink set, which give an unbelievablely wide colour gamut, achieving superb light-fastness and producing vivid, stable, accurate colour with intense saturation and depth. Scientifically formulated and extensively tested the Epson UltraChrome Pro 10-colour ink-set gives long life, durability and water resistant beautifully accurate colours.

Epson SC-P10000 and Epson SC-P20000 For Stunning Results Everytime!

Photographers and artists alike can achieve stunning results when printing their work, the high quality colour and precision print of the SC-P Printers brings fine art prints and artistic photographs to life. Epson's Multi Size Droplet Technology (MSDT) works with new high density Photo and Matte Black inks and four levels of black, which combine to provide a rich and excellent tonal range of image reproduction, helping to reducing bronzing, graininess and give much improved gradation.

The printers feature fully integrated a transparent colour LCD control panels making them very easy to operate. Users can easily check the rprinters status and quickly switch out media. The optional HDD also allows jobs to be reprinted directly from the printer panel, without the requirement of a PC.

Technologically Advanced Epson SC-P10000 and Epson SC-P20000 Printers

The Epson SC-P Series Printer range features automatic nozzle verification and self-cleaning technology that cleans the printhead without any interaction from the printer user. This saves on maintenance costs, and ensures ongoing print quality, reducing printer downtime.

SC-P Series Large Format Photographc, POS, Display & Signage Printers - Precision, Quality, Speed & Productivity

Epson ensures its printers and inks are always highly economical, as cost efficiency is a concern for any business. The optional Adobe post script module can be used with the Epson SC-P10000 and Epson SC-P20000 to further increase the user’s ink efficiency and ensure a fast print workflow.

The Epson SC-P10000 and Epson SC-P20000 Large Format Production printers will be available in May 2016 from Tetenal officail authorised Epson Partner - Please call us on 0116 289 3644 for more information and to pre-order now. For more information online here New Epson SC-P10000 and the New Epson SC-P20000