Do you have a Noritsu, Fuji or Epson dry lab?

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TETENAL SPECTRA-JET dry lab paper is a high quality RC photo paper. It’s designed and optimized for use in Inkjet minilabs and microlabs to achieve not only an excellent image quality, but also to ensure a smooth transport without paper jams.

100% compatable with the dye inks used in the dry minilabs:

• Epson (SureLab SL-D700 and SL-D3000)

• Fujifilm (Frontier DX100, DL600/650 and DL410/430/450)

• Noritsu (QSS Green/Green ll, D705/703,D502 and 10005HR)

TETENAL SPECTRA-JET Ink jet paper is a cost effective alternative to competitive brands in the market. Whether you are looking for canvas or dry lab paper for your Noritsu, Fuji or Epson lab, Spectrajet fulfills your needs across the range. With the new year we are also introducing new products to the Spectra-Jet range, including a white cotton blend canvas and a photo lustre version of our Spectrajet roll paper. If you have a Noritsu dry lab you will also be pleased to know that we are launching a new Spectra-Jet dry lab product specifically for Noritsu labs.

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