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After switching to a new Epson SureLab D3000 last year, business owner John Wilson reviews the changes it brought into his business since.

John Wilson Photography

Established in 1978, John Wilson Photography in Bellshill, Scotland has been a family run business from the start and recently passed on from father to son. With increasing print demands, John Wilson Junior decided to exchange the business’ long-standing Noritsu wet lab for a dry lab from Epson, the SureLab D3000. After a year in production with the new machine, he now looks at how it compares to the previous equipment.

Wide colour range

"The Epson SureLab D3000 is simply a great machine, the colour range is much better compared to our previous wet lab.

John Wilson in shop

The colour accuracy is impressive, enabling us to provide our customers with products of an excellent quality. We do a lot of photo editing for our Fine Art Portraits and have seen a great improvement when printing these. It really makes colours and contrasts stand out," John explains and further adds how the Epson SureLab has improved the everyday work flow in his business.

Increased print speeds

With the Epson SureLab D3000 Dual Roll unit John especially noticed that having two paper rolls available at the same time it helps to improve speeds: "With the wet lab, paper always had to be changed by hand, now this is all automated which makes it a much quicker process. We opted for the dual roll SureLab D3000 which allows us to switch quickly between types of paper as well as sizes. As we are doing around 15,000 prints per week at peak times, improved speeds are a big win for us and help us manage high print demands.” Before deciding on the new equipment John took the opportunity to visit Tetenal's Epson show room in Leicester and test the equipment in a real print set-up, he explains: “Tetenal invited us down to their offices and gave us an overview of the Epson SureLab D3000 which was really helpful. All in all, Tetenal simply provided

us with all the information we needed which made it a smooth and straightforward buying decision for us.”

Continuous growth

Following the recent improvements that the Epson SureLab has brought to the business, we asked about future plans and where business owner John Wilson sees his business in the near future: “If growth continues like this for us, then we will definitely consider taking on a second lab next year. In addition to the great printer, Tetenals customer service has been excellent. We also have an Epson P8000 and anytime we needed some advice the sales team were very helpful, so if we went ahead with a second machine it would be great to stay with Tetenal.

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"If growth continues like this for us, then we will definitely consider taking on a second lab next year."
John Wilson
John Wilson Photography

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