Kodak media receives prestigious ArtSure certification of quality

Kodak media receives prestigious ArtSure certification of quality

Since 1847, the Fine Art Trade Guild has been the world’s leading independent print registration authority ensuring the highest standards for fine art prints giving art collectors and artists confidence and validity in limited edition print runs.

ArtSure is the Fine Art Trade Guild’s print registration program that meets their high standard of printing, including the use of approved materials that have been independently tested for their archival properties of lightfastness and permanence.

Kodak is proud to announce the following media has received the respected ArtSure certification:

Read more about the ArtSure certification of quality at the substrate registry here http://www.fineart.co.uk/artsure-approved-materials.aspx.

The ArtSure logo represents the highest quality paper possible, and so once again, Kodak continues to prove it is the brand known for the highest quality and performance available.

ArtSure Certification - Digital Art You Can Trust
Kodak Wide Format Inkjet Media