Irish photo retailer upgrades printing equipment with Epson and EIZOs

Mardyke Frames in Athlone, Southern Ireland, take their business to the next level with the Epson D7 MicroLab linked to an EIZO ColorEdge monitor. Store owner Daniel O’Donnell decided to switch to a flexible dry lab to improve the workflow and efficiency of his photo print business:

“I visited Tetenal’s stand at the Photography Show earlier this year and saw a range of Epson equipment in action. The excellent performance of the Epson D700 printer really caught my interest. As part of the D7 MicroLab I saw an opportunity to tailor a printing solution to my business needs. After speaking to the Tetenal sales team we developed a MicroLab concept that includes four Epson D700 printers linked to an EIZO ColorEdge Monitor."

Mardyke Frames had the new MicroLab solution set up during a three-day installation by Tetenal Technical Services. As part of the three days Mardyke’s staff were also trained how to operate the new equipment. Daniel reflects on how the Epson MicroLab has performed since its installation:

“Apart from teething issues that were quickly resolved the lab has been running smooth since day one. It’s also great to see how little maintenance is involved. The wet lab days included endless cleaning procedures and working with chemicals which is finally not necessary anymore.”

Epson D700

Donegal Camera Centre celebrate 20 years in business by raising their glasses to going dry!

Following 20 years in business, the Irish photo retail store based in the heart of Donegal has taken a big step by switching their photo production from a wet minilab to a dry Epson MicroLab from Tetenal. After running through six different mini labs in 20 years of business, store owner Mark Wickham explains his decision to finally make the switch from wet to dry:

“In all these years in business we had absolutely everything in terms of minilabs and I decided it was finally time for the switch to a dry lab solution. I’d met the team from Tetenal at an Epson Road Show last year and immediately knew what I wanted to do for the business going forward. Choosing Epson was an obvious move for me due to their reputation in terms of print quality and longevity.”

D700 MicroLab

After exchanging the existing wet lab for the Epson D700 printer connected to two kiosks in May this year, Mark now reflects on the past months:

“I was very impressed with the service I received from Tetenal during the installation and training period and I can confidently say that the past 4 months were the best in our 20 years in business. The Epson MicroLab delivers outstanding print quality, is incredibly reliable and most importantly consistent. After years of dealing with photo chemicals I know that print consistency is always a concern with wet labs. With the dry lab these issues are non-existent, it’s a clean system which simply works. Even my electricity bills are lower since the switch to a dry lab, so the list of benefits is long.”

Donegal Camera Centre Interior

For more information on the Epson scalable MicroLab, visit our Scalable Microlab page here.

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