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Our Fulfilment website is now live! Click here to visit it or read on to learn more...

As an authorised partner, Tetenal has partnered with ChromaLuxe® to offer a print fulfilment service to our customers.

We now have a full service fulfilment lab within our Leicester premises and are producing a range of aluminium panels in-house for your convenience. This enables you to offer these amazing aluminium panels to your customers without any initial investment in the equipment needed to produce them. 

Tetenal are here to help you build your business. You can send your files through our dedicated trade-only fulfilment website, where our online software will set your image into the print area, showing you a clear representation of how your final product will look. You have the ability to then make edits before confirming your order.

Finished panels are supplied with the suitable hanging solution to suit the size. 


ChromaLuxe is the world's leading manufacturer of high definition sublimatable print media. It is THE name in high quality aluminium panels with a super high gloss finish which is both UV and scratch resistant. 

Handling panel

High Quality Produced to the Highest Specification.

Each panel is produced to the highest specification and professionally packaged to protect the product during transit to your designated destination, either back to store or direct to your customer.

In addition, as each panel has a high definition glossy finish, each package includes a set of white gloves and cleaning wipes to ensure your customer can handle and display the finished product to maximum effect.

Expand Your Business Opportunities

Alongside your traditional customers, you now have access to a product which will be of interest to;

Businesses / Photographers Fine Art Galleries Interior Designers Sports Clubs Theatres Museums Coffee Shops Restaurants and many more.

Sample Products

To help you build your business we advise that you make sure you have samples of the ChromaLuxe panels on display. The quality of these products really does need to be seen to be believed. To help you create a stunning display of panels we are offering a discounted price on sample panels. In return for the discounted rate, all we ask in return is that you send us a picture showing your display.

We've created a single use discount code for you to use when ordering your samples. Just create the products you require and when you reach the basket enter the word CHROMASAMPLE into the discount code box and the sample pricing will be applied. You can order a maximum of 1 sample per size, this must be in a single transaction.

Our ChromaLuxe panels are competitively priced so that you can make an excellent margin.

Click here to view the full range including pricing for samples. We can produce ChromaLuxe panels in 10 different sizes including 3 square sizes.

Production & Delivery

We aim to produce each panel within 2-5 days of receiving your order. If you require a faster turnaround time then please let us know via the contact form on the site or with a phone call.

We can ship back to you or directly to a designated delivery address. For 3rd party deliveries we will ensure there is no reference to Tetenal on the paperwork so the product appears to have been supplied directly by yourselves.

The cost will be added directly to your Tetenal account. For those of you with a Tetenal Pro Forma account, you can pay directly on the site at the time of ordering.

To help you use the site we've created a Step-By-Step guide which is available either as a downloadable booklet  for you to print off or an infographic to refer to on-screen.

Hopefully you've found all the information you need but if you'd like additional information or to chat through the process then speak with your Tetenal Account Manager or e-mail us at you're already producing aluminium panels, we can supply you blank panels and auxiliaries!

We think these amazing Chromaluxe Panels will be a fantastic addition to your business and we think you'll agree. So register here, order your samples and off you go!

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The market for hard surface sublimation is expanding and presents numerous possibilities for the photo industry.


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Visit our fulfillment website to further explore the process.

If you have any questions about our new service, please get in touch.

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