From July, Tetenal are officially distributors of the ‘Harman by Hahnemühle’ range, a sophisticated fine art collection of seven media types in both sheet and roll. The award-winning range includes a 450gsm Canvas and 320gsm Gloss Baryta papers.  

‘We are extremely pleased to be able to add the Harman by Hahnemühle range to our portfolio. This strengthens our position as one of the leading distributors in the inkjet market’ 
Phil Barker, Tetenal’s Inkjet Paper Product Manager 

Tetenal’s current offering includes their own-brand SpectraJet, Ilford Galerie, Omnijet & Biomedia as well as Epson and Kodak. The Harman by Hahnemühle range fits comfortably within their portfolio which covers a full spectrum to suit everyone from the consumer, pro-photographer, retailer and the environmentally-conscious mass market printers. The collection boasts a 2011 TIPA award for ‘Best Fine Art Inkjet Paper’ and this year’s ‘Accessory of the Year’ from Amateur Photographer Magazine for the Gloss Baryta products. 


About Harman by Hahnemühle.
Hahnemühle and HARMAN, both renowned for expertise and excellence, unite to create a range of seven media for the sophisticated Fine Art inkjet print. HARMAN technology Ltd took over the black and white photo manufacturing element of ILFORD in 2005. Since then, their development of new inkjet coatings has resulted in HARMAN's ability to produce the best inkjet media with the look and feel of traditional darkroom paper. Hahnemühle stands for highest quality and expertise in the paper-manufacturing field. Back in 1998, the company launched the first true inkjet print artist papers. Today, Hahnemühle retains its leading position in the market for digital Fine Art papers, with more than 400 years of experience are of museum quality and meet the highest demands for aesthetics and durability.

Two Legends. One paper.
HARMAN by Hahnemühle decorated with TIPA Award 2011 - 'World Best Fine Art Inkjet Paper'.  
Gloss Baryta receives Amateur Photographer magazine's - 'Accessory of the Year Award 2012'. 

About TETENAL Ltd.
Tetenal Ltd has a heritage in the innovation, manufacture and distribution of imaging paper, chemistry and technologies stretching back to Berlin in 1847. The Tetenal trademark was registered in 1910 and since then the company has expanded from their German roots into France, Poland and the UK, the latter being established as an official subsidiary in 1989. 

Tetenal have a long established reputation for being a forward thinking and progressive distributor within the photographic and print markets. For more information on TETENAL Ltd, please visit