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We spoke to Your Image 2 Canvas about the values of producing high quality prints and upgrading their printer collection.

Your Image 2 Canvas

Online canvas print company Your Image 2 Canvas was established in 2007 and has grown rapidly over the years. Started in a spare bedroom, with second hand printing equipment, the family business has expanded over the years, filling a 10,000 sq ft facility in Fitzwilliam, Yorkshire, today. Despite the expansion the business philosophy has stayed the same from day one – finding a brilliant balance between exceptional quality and cutprice value.

Continuous improvement

Brother-sister duo and Managing Directors Jamie and Laura Davison are maintaining this vision at the forefront of the company today and are continuously looking at improving the business. Recently they have upgraded their two Epson 11880 printers to the latest Epson P20000 model from Tetenal to make their business work even more efficiently.

Laura explains the main motivation behind the upgrade.

Faster print speeds

“We have used Epson printers from the beginning and our Epson 11880 served us well for many, many years. However, due to the increase in demand we needed a printer that was a little quicker. The Epson P20000 did just that, it prints much faster than our old printer making the workshop much more efficient but also the colours are so vibrant with such a great colour reproduction.”

Print quality is key

While being experts in canvas prints Your Image 2 Canvas also offer foil prints, framed artwork and general framing services. In addition to turning private customers' personal photos into high quality canvas prints the business also closely works together with photographers and

artists to print their work onto quality canvas prints which means quality is always key. When comparing the business’ previous printer to the latest Epson P20000 Laura's answer is clear:

Vibrant colours & great detail

“We thought our old printers were good until we saw the Epson P20000 in action! The two new printers are not only much easier to use but print much quicker and with a better colour reproduction. The print quality is stunning, when printing with high quality images every detail is seen in great vibrancy.” She further explains how the new printing hardware has improved the internal workflow and product quality: “The process to print has been simplified and with the faster print times, our internal workflow has become much more efficient. We saw immediate results in the workshop as the average production time per order was reduced quite significantly meaning that time could be used much more effectively.“

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