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DNP DP-SL620 II (SnapLab 620 II) All-in-one Photo Printing Kiosk with DNP DS620 II Photo Printer

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DNP DP-SL620 II (SnapLab 620 II) All-in-one Photo Printing Kiosk with DNP DS620 II Photo Printer


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DNP DP-SL620 II (SnapLab 620 II) All-In-One Photo Printing Kiosk with DNP's DS620 Photo Printer

The DNP DP-SL620 II is one of the best all-in-one printing kiosk systems for photo shop businesses that combines the DNP DS620 6" Photo Printer with the 11.6" order-terminal DT-T6mini and intuitive Photo Kiosk software. You can start your photo business right away with a small initial investment in the DP-SL620 II.

• Variety of photo finishing Formats - Print up to 6x20" (15x50cm), also square format for 'Instagram' images.

• Compact yet high performance - Tiny 0.11m2 footprint (DS620 printer) for high quality prints/ smooth gradation.

• Easy to expand - 8" inch photo prints (to 8x32”), Double sided prints, Photo books, Calendars & Greeting cards with optional DS820/ DS820DX printer.

• Simple to use - Photo format selection is easy uning to on screen step-by-step guide. The DS-SL620 II has the ability for wired and wireless connection.



DNP DP-SL620 II (SnapLab 620 II) All-In-One Photo Printing Kiosk with DNP's DS620 Photo Printer

As the growth of mobile phone photography becomes more common, the demand for instant prints from photo kiosks is also growing. In addition, various instant print services such as ID photo products and event photos are also experiencing an increase in demand.

The DP-SL620 II offers a variety of photo finishing formats, ranging from standard prints, themed frames and ID photos. By adding an optional DS820 or DS820DX printer, products such as photo books can be also offered to generate more sales. The DP-SL620 II has all you need for staring a photo print business.

Whats New?

• Larger Screen - 11.6"
• Larger Smartphone Area - With no slip rubber surface
• Improved Smartphone Cables - lightning, Micro USB & USB Type C
• Latest software - Version 3.2
• Snaplab+ logo printer on the front side & DNP logo on the Left and Right sides
• Sleek design, the DT-T6 mini terminal attaches to the DS620 printer with security hooks

The DP-SL620 II combines the DNP DS620 dye sub printer, a print order terminal and a software within a single simple to use Dye-sublimation compact kiosk system. The best all-in-one printing system for photo shop business or event photographer, a complete system to start your profitable photo business easily right now.

DNP’s flagship 6" printer, the DS620, is a versatile, high-speed photo printer that prints all popular print sizes up to 6x9”. The DNP DS620 printer also features a “ribbon rewind” function which means it is now possible to print multiple print sizes from all DS620 media with a minimum amount of waste. The DS620’s compact size and unique design makes it the ideal solution for:
• Photo printing onsite for leisure, sport & event photography, parties, wedding receptions etc
• Photo kiosk & dye sub printer system integration
• Photo retail printing
• Retail & event photographic 'booth' printing
• and many many other industrial or commercial print situations

DP-SL620 II key features

Variety of photo finishing formats

The DP-SL620 II produces prints in 9 different sizes up to 6" x 20” (15x50cm). Square format print is also available, perfect for printing your Instagram images.

Compact format yet high performance

The DP-SL620 Photo Kiosk has a small footprint of only 0.11m2 using the DS620 Photo Printer which to produce high quality prints with smooth gradation as the output device. The DNP DS620 features a rewind function to optimise media consumption. This rewind function also allows you to print multiple print sizes from one single set

Print profitable 'Value added' products

The DNP DP-SL620 II Photo Kiosk offers a variety of photo finishing formats, ranging from standard prints, ID and themed frames available. By adding the optional DNP’s DS820 or DS820DX printer, the value added products such as photo books can be also offered to generate more sales in a printing business. The DP-SL620 II has all you need for starting a photo print business.

Print 'value added' products such as the 8" inch size prints (up to 8" x 32”), Photo books, Double sided prints, Greeting Cards and Calendar formats are readily available thanks to the automatic product recognition function by just adding the optional DNP DS820 or DNP DS820DX printer.

The DNP DP-SL620 II (SnapLab 620 II) is so simple to use

Photo formatting selection is very easy using the on-screen 'step-by-step' guide. The DNP DS-SL620 II has ability to connect to both wired and wireless connection alike.

Event Printing Use

In addition to the standard print mode, the Party Print mode is available using the optional Party Print Solution. The DP-SL620 II is the ideal solution for events without PCs benefiting from all Party Print functions.

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Additional Information

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