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Epson WorkForce Pro – The print, copy and scan solution for the education sector

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The Epson WorkForce Pro is a new way to print, copy and scan for schools, colleges and universities. It’s an inkjet system that is cheaper to run, easier to maintain and cleaner compared to its widely used laser equivalent.

The wait for a better quality, more reliable printing solution for the education sector is over – schools, colleges and universities can now move forward with the WorkForce Pro inkjet printer. Epson have optimised their unique print head technology for large scale applications. Whilst inkjet has traditionally been considered to be for home use, the efficiency, simplicity and economy of inkjet printing actually provides businesses and the public sector with a number of advantages over laser.

The Epson WorkForce Pro helps you save energy and cut waste while offering predictable printing costs and low user intervention.

Print 84,000 pages1 without any supply changes with this exemplary high volume inkjet printer, using Epson's super-high-yield Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS).

Cut intervention downtime and lessen your impact on the environment with a reduction of up to 95 percent on energy1 and 99 percent on waste1.

It also uses PrecisionCore technology, renowned for its speed, quality, reliability and efficiency.

Click to download the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C869RD3TWFC Data Sheet PDF

Epson WorkForce Pro

WorkForce Pro WF-C869R Inkjet Printer

Key Features

• Fast

Print up to 84,000 pages without replacing the ink1

• Ecological

Uses up to 95 percent less power than competitive colour lasers2

• Efficient

Automatic double-sided printing, scanning, copying and faxing

• Advanced

Epson’s PrecisionCore technology is its most advanced printhead technology


Students going to class
Students receiving results


Print 84,000 pages uninterrupted

Print 84,000 pages uninterrupted

Thanks to super-high-yield ink supply units, you can print up to 84,000 pages without replacing the ink1, that's up to 4.5 times more prints than colour lasers and copiers2. It cuts intervention time by up to 98 percent2 as replacement inks are few and far between.

Benefit from latest technology

Benefit from latest technology

It uses Epson's most advanced printhead, PrecisionCore. But that’s not all; compared to competitive colour lasers it uses up to 95 percent less power2 thanks to its no-heat technology. There really is no contest; it also beats lasers and copiers with an up to 99 percent reduction in waste and it's up to 23% quieter than lasers and laser copiers2.

Work efficiently

Work efficiently

Take control with a range of software and tools that provide secure print options, efficient scanning and help manage devices remotely. NFC (touch-to-print) and wireless connectivity also supports printing from mobile devices and with its smartphone inspired user interface and touchscreen, it's intuitive to operate. Designed for busy environments, its paper tray and other features are built to be robust and durable. In addition, the Epson Open Platform enables you to integrate your solution with compatible models.

Be more productive

Be more productive

Its first page out time is up to three and a half times faster than competitive products2. Wait times and the distance to collect print jobs are minimised too as it's a workgroup printer.


Epson WorkForce Pro Inkjet Printer
Laser Printer


Inkjet vs. Laser – See how they compare side by side

Simple mechanism /
Complex mechanism

The simple underlying principle of inkjet printers is the ‘ejection’ of ink from the print head on to the paper. Laser printing, however, is a multi-step printing process that involves charging, exposure, development, transfer and fixing. As a result, laser printers comprise various interdependent parts in a complex mechanism.

Uses no heat /
Uses heat

Epson inkjet printers adopt the piezo system of using precisely controlled mechanical pressure to eject ink. In laser printers, high-temperature heating is required to fix toner on to the paper.

No contact with paper /
Contact with paper

Inkjet printers eject liquid ink and require no contact between the print head and paper. In laser printers, powdered ink (toner) attached to the photoreceptor drum is transferred by being brought into contact with the paper.

Liquid ink /
Powdered ink (toner)

Inkjet printers use liquid ink for printing. The ink droplets are ejected directly on to the paper surface. The toner used in laser printers is powdered ink. To stop the powder from detaching from the paper following transfer, heat and pressure are applied to fuse it.

In a nutshell

The Epson Workforce Pro is a reliable inkjet print, copy and scan solution that is much more than an ordinary photo copier, printing higher quality, at lower cost, using less energy than a laser equivalent.


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Who are Tetenal?

As an authorised supplier to the education market Tetenal are the key partner for all printing needs of schools, colleges and universities. Tetenal are also an Authorised Epson Partner and your first point of contact for the Epson professional printing range.

Tetenal as an authorised supplier to the education market are the key partner for all printing needs of Schools, Colleges and Universities.
Epson Authorised Partner 2018

1 Approx. page yield. Actual yield will vary depending on images printed and usage conditions. For more information visit Initialisation inks only have enough ink to support printer start up, new inks have to be purchased or supplied for normal operation. 2. For more information, visit