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Which Large Format Printer Is right for you?

The Large Format Printer market, also known as Wide Format Printing is showing no signs of getting smaller anytime soon.
As print technology companies such as Epson continue to invest in research and development, the market for Large Format Printers will continue to grow and bring the cost efficiencies of inkjet and solvent printing to a wider cross section of the large format market from Design and Print companies through to Signage and Fine Art as well as construction and engineering.
With all businesses looking to increase the cost-effectiveness of their printing, the versatility of Large Format Printers continues to bring widespread benefits in terms of ease of use, the wide range of media available and energy efficiency. The continuing attractive pricing of printers from the likes of Epson also bring the possibility of in-house printing within the reach of more and more businesses.
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What markets use Large Format Printers

& what are the benefits?

The best printers for Posters, Point of Sale and Display graphics

Poster printing is used by a variety of organisations across several sectors. It’s particularly significant in the retail industry, where large, attention-grabbing point of sale (POS) and point of purchase (POP) displays are used to promote brand awareness and generate sales of specific product lines, for example. Posters are commonly used at events such as trade fairs and exhibitions to display information about the event itself or as a promotional tool for pop-up stands and their products and services, for example. 

Posters are also frequently used for informational or persuasive signage purposes by a wide range of organisations from diverse sectors (from the NHS to leisure brands), and are a convenient medium for displaying practical information. They can also be displayed both inside and outdoors, providing they’re weather-proofed. Banners are another popular form of large-format printing that are regularly used in a similar way to posters and can be deployed everywhere from retail to business premises, exhibitions and event venues.

Banners are available in a range of materials including hard-wearing, water-resistant vinyl and are ideal for making a statement! A further example of large format printing which falls under this category is billboards. These large-scale display boards are typically used to advertise companies to local audiences where they live, commute, work or socialise. Our Epson P Series printers are ideal for POS, Posters and Display graphics.



Many large corporations, SMEs, public, government and educational organisations, e.g. banks, libraries and universities, have ongoing needs for large format printing for marketing activities or providing practical information to service users, for example. These include printed output such as wall art, banners, display boards and hanging displays. While some large organisations have their own in-house printing departments, many use a third party to fulfil their large format printing requirements. 

Many of these organisations could therefore make substantial savings and complete their print projects in a faster timeframe by bringing their large format printing requirements in-house. This is even more relevant as budgets are squeezed and cost savings sought. Continuous advances in technology also mean that large-format printers are becoming simpler and more intuitive to use. This means the required skill levels of operation have been reduced which is a further incentive for organisations with ongoing large format printing needs to consider investing in this technology.

With current pricing levels available from companies such as Epson via Tetenal, there’s never been a better time to consider bringing this technology in-house by investing in their own equipment. With an in-house Technical Support Team, Tetenal are perfectly placed to give all the advice you need in terms of choosing the right Large Format Printer for your specific requirements and then help with installation, training and on-going support which is ideal for businesses with little or no previous knowledge or experience of large format printing


Printers for Art Reproduction & Photographers

Large format printing is also frequently required by artists, galleries and photographers, with the printed output often used in exhibitions or in professional portfolios. As a result, this sector tends to have very specific requirements, with print quality being of obvious importance. The vibrancy of colours, extent of colour fastness, light fastness, and the material on which the images are printed, for example, are all particularly significant. 

Giclée printing is the term that’s generally used to refer to high-quality art and photographic inkjet printing on fine art photo paper, using archival pigment inks. This printing technique is ideal for digital art and illustration, fine art reproduction and photography.

With continuous development in Large Format Printers from companies such as Epson and their proprietary technology, it’s now becoming easier to achieve the quality and level of detail desired by these users of large format printing.

For many businesses in this sector, investing in a large format printer can make economic sense and offers the opportunity to expand their service offering to clients, thereby opening up additional revenue and profit possibilities.



Designed to deliver enhanced productivity and image quality for accurate reproduction of architectural drawings, colour pitches and presentations, engineering plans and spatial data maps, the Epson Stylus T Series Printers are the perfect choice for businesses needing to present their designs with superb detail. 

The Epson SureColor SC-T Series large format printer range enables you to create new perspectives and allow your clients and associates to explore the richness of your designs, renderings and graphs with stunning full-colour displays, brilliant detail and sharp photography. They also handle the requirements of CAD printing and plotting, blueprints, along with the business proposals and documents that are needed for the client and legal aspects of your projects with ease.


Media Accessories

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