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Aqueous Ink

At Tetenal we only stock genuine inks. Using replacement inks or adapting your printer to take bulk feed inks can affect the quality of your prints and in addition, affect your printer warranty should something go wrong.

Our aqueous printer brand is exclusively Epson, the leaders and innovators in inkjet technology.

Each range of Epson printers is linked to an Ink Set. These inks have been developed specifically for that printer range to give the maximum balance of print quality and ink usage.

Below you will find a little more information regarding Epson ink sets.

Shop for Aqueous Ink > By using Epson UltraChrome HDX ink you can ensure superior-quality results with depth and intensity and enjoy the most accurate colour reproduction on the market.

Wide range of colours

Including either a violet or light light black ink, UltraChrome HDX can produce a wide range of vivid colours and deep, rich blacks and dense shadowed areas.

Create optimal proofs

Help save time and money by ensuring the most accurate results first time. UltraChrome HDX is ideal for creating long-lasting professional photographs, fine art prints and accurate proofs on a variety of media.

Achieving a higher DMAX

Two new inks have been developed specifically for the Epson UltraChrome HDX range in order to increase the density level of the pigment and give a high optical density.

New Photo Black ink

Epson's new Photo Black ink has a pigment concentration that is 1.5 times higher than previous equivalent inks to help produce denser blacks. See below for a vertical cross-sectional comparison.

New Matte Black ink

The new Matte Black of the UltraChrome HDX ink technology has a raised pigment density. It has the same number of pigments as the Epson UltraChrome K3 ink. See below a vertical cross-sectional view comparison.

Bronzing reduction

Bronzing has-been reduced in Cyan and Magenta allowing for the creation of more accurate-looking colours, especially in images depicting human skin and blue sky. The Epson UltraChrome HDX ink has been developed to even out the differences in glossiness of colours, which is one of the leading causes of bronzing.

The highest colour accuracy

Using Epson UltraChrome inks opens up a whole range of possibilities and produce fantastic-looking proofs with the most accurate colours on the market1.

The ink-set comes with the option of either a light light black or violet ink to give users choice, depending on the intended application. Using the light light black option means users can achieve 98% of Pantone2, while choosing violet ink means the gamut increases to 99%1, the highest on the market1.

Long-lasting results

While producing high-quality results is important, we understand that users also want their creations to last. That’s why UltraChrome HDX inks have been designed with longevity in mind, in fact, prints on Premium Glossy Photo Paper (PGPP) can last more than 60 years3.

Two cartridge sizes available

To cater for all sizes of print runs, UltraChrome HDX inks are available in 350ml and 700ml cartridges.
  1. The SC-P7000 Violet/SC-P9000 Violet has 99% Pantone reproduction, making it the most accurate when compared to other large-format inkjet printer and proofers with 10 or fewer colours, in the market June 2015.
  2. PANTONE® is the property of Pantone LLC. 99%/98% coverage of PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE solid coated palette based on Epson Proofing Paper White Semimatte printed with Epson printer driver at 2880x1440dpi. PANTONE coverage may vary when printed with a third-party RIP.
  3. Figure is an estimate based on the standard for the measurement of JEITA CP‐3901A:
    • Glossy paper (A4 size)     • Temperature 23°C      • Humidity 50%