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Dry Lab Inkjet Paper

Whilst many owners of Dry Labs continue to use the Dry Lab media originally recommended or sold to them at the time they bought their Dry Lab, the market has changed over the past few years to give users more options in their choice of media.

This choice not only extends to the brand of paper but also the types of paper which are now also available, offering users, and ultimately their customers, more choices of size and finish.  Whilst many of the manufacturers of Dry Labs will push their customers towards the same brand of media as their machine, recent developments have seen non manufacturers of machinery enter the Dry Lab media market to offer a wider choice and greater flexibility in terms of pricing. One of these brands is the media supplied exclusively via Tetenal, Spectrajet Inkjet Media.

One of the key attributes of the Spectrajet media range is it's versatility across the variety of inkjet Dry Labs it can be used with.

Whether you own an Epson, Fuji or Noritsu Dry Lab,  there will be papers in the Spectrajet range which work with your machine, offering you greater variety in size and finish but also a real alternative to proprietary brands in terms of price and quality.

Tetenal's Colour Management Services team will also ensure that you have all the correct profiles you need to ensure you get the maximum quality from the combination of machine and materials.

You can find out more information about ICC profiles by clicking the image above.

We are also able to offer Swatchbooks of the Spectrajet Dry Lab media.  If you would like to order a Spectrajet Swatchbook then click the image below, enter your details and we will have one despatched to you.

Samples may also be available based on your specific requirements. If you would like to test Spectrajet Media in your own Dry Lab then contact us via the Contact us page and our team will give you a call back.

The Spectrajet Range extends beyond just Dry Lab media.  It contains a broad range of Large Format media including Photo, Fine Art, Canvas and Wallpaper.  You can also request a Swatchbook for Large Format and Sheet media here.