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Epson Dry Mini labs


Epson are widely recognised as the leaders in inkjet printing with their proprietary technology also used by many of the other brands in the inkjet print market.  This technology was developed in Epson's market leading Large Format Printers and adapted for use in their range of Dry Minilabs.

Excellent print quality

Print quality is a key factor when making the switch, and this is a major benefit of the Epson Inkjet range. Epson’s industry leading Inkjet technology with wider colour gamut has developed to the level that it is now almost impossible for many customers to see the difference against a traditional silver halide print.

The ease of use, with no wet chemistry to contend with, and consistent performance of Epson Inkjet means you don’t have to worry about loss of detail or variances in colour balance that can prove a real headache with some other print labs.

Improved productivity

With fast start up and shut down speeds, and no time spent on managing wet chemistry, your valuable time is freed up. Managing the lab and the printing process is far simpler making it easier and faster to train staff, and potentially reassessing your staff priorities and requirements.

Working environments are improved with the benefit of a smaller equipment footprint aiding the improvement of workflow. Many retailers have also benefitted from additional product merchandising space created by the switch.

Scalable printing solutions

At Tetenal we don’t just offer printing machines, we offer printing solutions. Our aim is to find the scalable dry lab solution that fits your production requirements, whether you’re a professional lab, or a high street retailer.

Whether it’s an Epson D3000 production lab, a single D700 printer or several D700 printers connected to function as the Epson Micro Lab, Epson’s inkjet range stands out through compatibility within its range and across other hardware in the industry.

Peace of mind warranties

As your Authorised Epson Partner, Tetenal support you throughout your Epson warranty and offer a range of technical support packages beyond that. Most customers take advantage of Epson’s 3- and 5-year warranties to give them complete piece of mind for the first years.