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Kodak Dye Sub Event Printers

Kodak has a long tradition in producing stunning photo prints with their Thermal Print Media, delivered through a variety of reliable printers including the Kodak 6900 Thermal Printer featured here.

With Kodak thermal printing the resulting prints look and feel like traditional photographs. Kodak thermal prints offer vibrant color, smooth continuous tones, and great shadow and highlight details. This has made Kodak Dye Sub Thermal Printers popular with a wide variety of photographic businesses from Event Photographers to Retail Stores.

Kodak thermal dye sub prints rival traditional photographic wet prints in terms of image quality and durability, especially with its high gloss appearance. This makes them ideal for a variety of applications including event photography prints and the production of photo books.

With Kodak Thermal Dye Sub Printers you get;

  •   Durable, water-resistant prints
  •   Long-lasting, fade-resistant output
  •   Instantly dry finish
  •   The look and feel of a traditional wet process photograph