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Introducing PrintCube

Smart phones are the cameras we carry around with us every day, so it makes sense to bring the taking and printing of photos closer together. Our aim is to make printing photos as easy as taking or sharing them. Say hello to the future of photo printing. Say hello to PrintCube.

PrintCube not only looks great, it is also extremely adaptable, whether you have one or a series, they can be positioned and styled just the way you want them. This means they can fit into any surroundings and look completely at home in your own surroundings.

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Making photo printing is now as easy as sharing

PrintCube makes your smart phone the centre of your photo printing universe.

The PrintCube App allows you to select the photos you want to print, the format you want to print them in and where you want to pick them up.

There are also a wide variety of products available to display your photos, including ready made frames and collages as part of the Pixolo branded range. All available to order directly via the App.

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Create an order... 2. Scan the QR code... 3. Print your photos

1. Create an order
2. Scan the QR code
3. Print your photos

How it works

When a customer opens the App it will show them the location of their closest PrintCube.

The customer then selects the products they want, photo prints, retro prints or Collages. Once they have selected their photos they are added to the Shopping Cart.

PrintCube generates a unique QR Code for that particular order.

Once the customer locates their chosen PrintCube they simply present the QR Code to the screen on the front of the Cube, which then automatically starts to print the order.

Pixolo products

As mentioned previously, there a number of ready made products available in the Pixolo range. These products are perfect to make an eye catching display in-store. Each product has a different 3 digit code. When prompted, the customer simply enters the code into the phone and they are able to drop their chosen photos into the template design which is presented to them.

Once all images are selected, a QR Code is created. Once scanned into the Cube, the chosen design is printed, ready to place into the product the customer has chosen. No cutting out of photos to fit frames, it’s all done there and then in the PrintCube.

Box frame
Pixolo Bag 'With Love'
Frame card

See it in action!

Just click the 'play' button below to view a short video which shows the concept in a much more visual way!

If you’d like to learn more ,just send us an enquiry using the contact form which can be found here
or e-mail us at or call 0116 2893644

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