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LFP Aqueous Printers

Epson Aqueous printers are widely accepted to be the market leading large format aqueous printers in the marketplace mainly thanks to their constant innovation in proprietary technology. Where Epson lead, others follow.

Large Format Inkjet Printing

The two main technologies used in Large Format printing are Aqueous and Solvent, although the latter has now developed into Eco Solvent to offer an improved, more environmentally friendly option. Other options are also available such as UV Curable and Latex.

In the field of Aqueous Printing, Epson Large Format Printers are the printer of choice for a wide variety of photographers and printers. This loyalty to the Epson brand has been built over many years of technological development in the world of aqueous inkjet printing across not only Large Format and Studio Printers but also their widely respected ink and media.

The choice of the professional

Epson have partnered with many photo professionals who trust Epson to accurately represent their original images in print.  These professionals span Landscape, Commercial, Fine Art and Wedding Photography.

Landscape Photographer and Epson UK Photography Ambassador Charlie Waite describes his views on printing as follows “Printing is the difference between taking a cursory look at an image on a tablet and a captivating centre piece of a room, which becomes a talking point. Print is the photograph's rightful inheritance and I choose Epson every time.”

Authorised Partners of Epson

Tetenal have long been an Authorised Partner of Epson and one of their key distributors of Epson Large Format Printers across both the aqueous and Solvent spectrum.

100's of customers across the UK & Ireland have chosen Tetenal as their Epson Large Format Printer provider due to our knowledge and expertise in the field. In addition to our consistently competitive pricing, Tetenal also offer a full consultation, installation, training and technical support service.

Our range of Aqueous Inkjet Printers

Below you will find more information on our range of Epson Large Format Printers. If you are unsure as to which Epson Printer is the right one for you then you are welcome to speak with our Hardware Sales specialists who will talk you through the options. Simply send us an inquiry via the Contact section of the website or call us on 0116 2893644

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