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Large Format Solvent Printers

Epson Eco Solvent printers have been developed over the past few years to be the market leading large format solvent printers in the marketplace.

Whilst Large Format Solvent Printers were seen to have many benefits over Large Format Aqueous Printers. those benefits were eclipsed by some issues that were seen as negatives such as odour and drying times. Epson set about to overcome these issues through their commitment to constant innovation and improvement.

The result was the new series of Epson Eco Solvent Large Format Printers.

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Large Format Solvent Printing

Epson now lead the field in the world of both Aqueous and Eco Solvent Large Format Printing.

Epson’s professional imaging solutions are designed with the most advanced technology to achieve the highest quality results, and the SureColor S-Series printers are an excellent example of that.

With class-leading substrate-control and an industry-leading colour gamut, they are among the fastest in their class, offering outstanding quality and value for customers.

Award Winning Printers

Following the launch of their Large Format Eco Solvent Printer range, Epson were the recipients of the prestigious Keypoint Intelligence (previously known as Buyers Lab) 2018 Pick.

This was not a single printer which won the award though, the full range of Epson Eco Solvent Large Format Printers had this award bestowed upon them. The awarding authority recognised Epson for the innovation and remarkable colour accuracy shown by its range of SureColor S-Series solvent-based signage printers.

Ideal solution for a wide range of businesses

Epson's Eco Solvent Large Format Printer Range is the perfect choice for businesses in the Signage sector due to the value it offers in terms of ink and media costs. Improvements in print quality has meant that it is also an attractive proposition for other businesses which want to find the ideal balance between costs and quality.

A perfect example is Your Image 2 Canvas. The online canvas print company upgraded from their tried and trusted Epson 11880 printer, which had served them well for many years,  to faster print speeds and improved workflows with two new Epson P20000 printers from Tetenal.

Managing Director Laura Davison was thoroughly impressed “We thought our old printers were good until we saw the Epson P20000 in action! The two new printers are not only much easier to use but print much quicker and with a better colour reproduction. The print quality is stunning, when printing with high quality images every detail is seen in great vibrancy.”