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Photobook Printers

Photobooks - A perfect up-sell opportunity

How many of your customers come in to print just a handful of prints? Furthermore, how many of those customers do you engage with and encourage to make a Photobook?  Not necessarily of the particular photos they've printed but of others they may have printed in the past or are yet to print.

Unless your customer is a serial Photobook printer then they will only be introduced to the format by someone else who prints Photobooks or yourself, and you are in the prime position to sell their benefits.

Making the case for Photobooks

We all realise the inherent dangers of leaving important memories in the hands of technology, whether that is a phone, a PC, a hard drive or even in the cloud.

Technology is fragile and, unfortunately these days, not safe and secure. Technology moves so quickly that compatibility is a constant issue, particularly with phone companies who want to make you purchase their new models whilst making it less easy to connect to older items.

Backwards compatibility is crucial for consumers who have stored images and files on older technology, but that isn't always possible when technology moves on so quickly, particularly when operating systems change. This means access to images stored on old devices may not always be possible in the future.

Even worse is that online security is not as secure as it once was.  The only way of knowing exactly who has access to your photos is to print them and store them at home. Maybe in a Photobook?

There's also the danger of having phones stolen or damaged. If the images are not backed up anywhere, they are probably lost forever.  I'm sure we've all heard those stories of precious photographs being lost with a phone.

Finally, printed Photographs and Photobooks are tactile things. Things to hold and pass around to invoke memories. You can't do that if your precious photographs are only in the cloud.  We have seen the return to vinyl records because people want something tangible.  People are starting to shoot film again because it's a physical item.  In a world which is fast becoming virtual, tactile objects become more and more precious, and what's more precious than your memories?

These are all the reasons you can use to compel your customers to not only print photographs but to print them in Photobook form.  Start the conversation now.

So the case for a Photobook is made, how do I print them?

It's great that you asked, because here at Tetenal we have the answer.  Our Photobook Printers are made by Kodak and use Kodak Paper which has been technologically proven to have long lasting properties over and above virtually all competitors.  So when you're printing a Photobook on Kodak you're printing memories that will last for years and years.

The choice between our two Kodak Photobook printers will be based on a number of variables including volume, speed and the space you have available.

If space is at a premium then the smaller D4600 is the place to start. If you have more space and are looking for increased speed then the D4000 is the perfect model for you.

We pride ourselves on supplying the perfect machine for your specific requirements so contact us for an informal chat about which Photobook printer best suits your needs. Alternatively you can find out more information on the two models by clicking the link below.