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Studio & Lab


Whether it’s providing you with a wide selection of background rolls at very competitive prices (go on, check us out!) or equipment to help you keep more of your profits in house or supplying you with access to a wider variety of consumables and accessories, Tetenal are a company who can work with you silently in the background while you’re creating the magic in front of the camera. We’re almost like an invisible studio assistant.

Tetenal are also synonymous with photo chemistry, auxiliaries, and a wide range of accessories to help labs become more creative, efficient and profitable.

Tetenal chemistry has been at the cutting edge of photo development for over 150 years and our products are used the world over by professionals and amateurs alike. Our chemistry kits such as E-6 and C-41 contain all you need in one simple box.

We work with a wide range of studios including Schools Photo Labs, Production Houses and Education Photography Departments.

They trust Tetenal because of our vast knowledge and experience in this spcialised area.

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