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Kodak KDFS New Server Update

In preparation:

  1. Download the Zipped File by clicking here.
  2. Once downloaded please turn off any Anti Virus Software (This will effect some files contained within the Module if not done)
  3. Unzip the folder
  4. Copy ONLY the content of the folder to a CD or USB Thumb Drive.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Touch:
    • {Setup}.Enter Password if Necessary
    • {Install Software}
  2. Insert the CD or Thumb Drive into the Kiosk/ Apex
  3. Touch:
    • {Continue}
    • {Install}
  4. At “Software Install has completed successfully”. Touch {OK}
  5. Touch:
    • {Done}
    • {Start Over}
    • {Exit}
  6. Restart the Kiosk/ Apex
  7. Remove and store the CD or Thumb Drive.
  8. Once done please ensure that your anti-virus is restarted/ working.