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Dye Sub Event Printers

Dye-Sub printing has long been a favoured method of producing prints amongst Event Photographers for many years now.  The main reasons being the ease of use, portability and relatively small footprint of the printers and the cost of print versus commercial sell-out costs.

The type of printer chosen though can be based on a variety of factors. The key decision to be made is whether the photographer is printing on or off site. Off site, post event  printing offers more flexibility in terms of the type of printer used. Off site inkjet printers can offer better quality and often better commercial costs over dye sub printers but for means of clarity, we are concentrating here on portable Dye Sub printers.

Some photographers prefer a short head life over initial cost outlay which means they will be working their printers hard and then replacing them as soon as the head has reached its life expectancy. Others will prefer spending a little more at the outset but knowing they have a printer with a longer head life which won't need to be replaced so quickly.

Other factors which come in to play are the size and weight of the printer. Portability can be a crucial factor where photographers are working in more remote areas where the printer will need to be carried to the site, or where there is a small space in which to work which requires a printer with a smaller footprint.

Tetenal work with two of the leading suppliers in the dye sub print market. Kodak and DNP.  You will find more information about the individual printers by clicking the appropriate link below.