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film darkroom

home of photographic chemistry

Develop your own films - colour, black & white

Tetenal are the experts when it comes to supplying you with chemistry and media for your photo lab. Not only are we importers and distributors of silver halide paper, we are synonumous with photo chemistry. Tetenal’s history in the manufacture and distribution of photographic chemistry dates back over 150 years and our name is featured on a wide variety of products including E6 and C41 as well our ever popular Colortec kits.

Introducuing - jobo lab kits
When it comes to Black & White darkroom paper we bring you two of the most respected names in the field, Ilford and Kentmere. Between them we have a broad range of papers to satisfy most needs.
We've recently added a selection of Fuji colour sheet paper which is ideal for those of you who prefer a little colour in your darkroom processing activities.

Whether you're looking for sheet or roll film, we have you covered with our broad range of Black & White film products from the likes of Kodak, Ilford, Kentmere and Ilford Harman. Whatever format, speed or exposure size you're looking for, chances are we have it amongst our broad portfolio of colour film products from Kodak and Fuji.

Tetenal are the photo chemistry experts so as you'd expect, you can find products under our own Tetenal brand sitting alongside other leading brands such as Kodak, Champion and Ilford Harman. Tetenal is the home of photographic chemistry so as you’d expect we supply products from the leading names in darkroom developing including our own Tetenal brand plus Kodak, Champion and Agfa.

The truest way to learn and appreciate the art of photography is analogue photography. Nothing can replace the touch and feel of silver-halide film. The fascination of creating unique prints on silver-halide paper is irreplaceable. The original character of a personally developed analogue print becomes a piece of art which pleasantly distinguishes itself from the mass of digital pictures. JOBO enables you to perfectly control the critical processing of your negatives so that you can create photographs according to your visualization.