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RIPs & RIP Software Solutions

A RIP (raster image processor) is a solution used in a printing system to create a 'raster' image also known as a bitmap. This bitmap is used by the printing system to produce the printed output.

The original input file may be a PostScript, PDF, Tiff, or Jpg type image file. The input can be or include bitmaps of higher or lower resolution than the output device, which the RIP resizes using an image scaling algorithm.

Rip software, used with your chosen printer/s, specifc media with ICC profiles and selected print settings, ensures the accurate management of multiple print/ printer workflows.

Tetenal currently supply and support both Mirage and Onyx RIP solutions.

Mirage RIPs

Work fast and efficiently in the Mirage RIPs intuitive user interface.

Mirages stand alone 'droplet' based application allows effortless printing of PDF, Jpeg/ Jpg or Tiff files without requiring an application such as the Abobe Suite Software.

Simply drop a PDF, Jpeg/ Jpg or Tiff image file, or folders containing supported image files onto the Mirage droplet, upon which the Mirage application will open. Using the comprehensive and easy to use interface, the user can select specific media and printer settings (once stored) so giving simple management of multiple print workflows and environments.

With all the required print settings available to the user, in the single/ window, Mirage makes printing very fast and easy.

Colour management made easier than ever before!

Mirage gives you full colour management* of your print files with the use of ICC colour/ media profiles.

What you see is what you get*

The image preview window in Mirage eliminates media wastage due to trial and error test printing, trying to achieve the results you need*

*Only achieved with colour calibrated monitor, use of correct ICC printer/ media profiles.

Mirage RIPs software allows printing to multiple printers at the same time.

Tetenal provide both the Master Edition and Production versions of Mirage V20 RIP on USB Dongles for Epson printers.

Mirage Master Edition for Epson is the ideal companion software for for the Epson Stylus Pro-Series, the Epson Stylus Photo-Series, the Epson SureColor T-Series and the Epson SureColor printers.

The Mirage Epson Production Edition is specifically for Epson Solvent Printers, making it the perfect companion software for your Epson SureColor S-models, F-models and the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 printer.

Mirage is a fully modular application, extensions provide a cost effective upgrade path to deliver further functionality if required.

Supplied as a standalone droplet based application, either on a USB dongle or licenced installed version, and also as a plugin for Adobe applications.

£699.00 Call 0116 2893644 for availability

Onyx RIPs

£790.00 Call 0116 2893644 for availability